You were not created to play small.



Rebecca is flying solo for this episode as it commemorates the final episode that topically aligns with her book How Mommy Got Her Groove Back™! (That’s right…this means the entire book is now available on audio!)

As Rebecca shares a bit from the final chapters of her book, she offers a metaphor for living in a small town. Think of it like repurposing a piece of furniture that you love.


Listen to the Audio Book Chapters That Inspired Today's Chat!

How Mommy Got Her Groove Back TM is being released on audio! Grab your headphones and listen to the book written to help you feel less crazy than you believe you are, encourage you to the find the humor in small-town living, and make you question all the advice you’ve been given over the years. Click the button to get the chapters of the book that inspired today’s chat.