You were not created to play small.



Avid animal lover and owner of The Ice Cream Truck, Beth Pridday, joins Rebecca to chat about how to find your lane in a small town.

Beth shares her story of how she assimilated in her small town, despite having no ties to the community originally. She shares about how at every stage of life, she has been intentional about asking “Will this make me happy?” to ensure that whatever she does, whether personally or professionally, aligns with who she is as a person.

In small towns, we all have a responsibility to step up and serve in whatever way we can.

This can lead us to saying “yes” to far too many things, and not considering where we can most joyfully or beautifully serve.

By finding (and staying in) our own specific lane, we can embrace who we really are and only pick up the things that were meant for us to hold.


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