You were not created to play small.



Rebecca is joined by Molly Bestge, CEO of Cultivate21, a nationally recognized professional development company that focuses on providing effective professional learning experiences for educators that directly impact shifts in instruction and application of STEM/STEAM, Project-Based Learning, and 21st century skills into the classroom.  

As you may have guessed, Molly and Rebecca talk about educating our youth in small towns.

Our kids are our future and often times in small towns, we fear that they’ll be limited by opportunities because of being in a smaller school.

It’s also a bit trickier to feel equipped to advocate for our kids’ education in a small town where we know all the educators and staff personally.

Molly shares ideas to help us model for our kids to help them develop the skills she trains educators to incorporate and because she herself lives in a small town, these ideas can be used immediately no matter your zip code.

Check out more about Cultivate21 on Facebook HERE and take to heart all the ways that each one of us can encourage and support our kids to become the kind of people that demonstrate a work ethic we can all be proud of.


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