You were not created to play small.



Today’s guest is Jacki Berglund, the driving force behind Rock Solid Nutrition and IronWheel Fitness in Warren, MN.

Jacki (57) has had a flare for fitness since she can remember. She taught spin classes at Choice Fitness and the YMCA for 10 years before opening up a group cycling program in Warren in the basement of Harvest Church, where her husband, Eric, is the pastor.

In March of 2018, she and her family purchased the coffee shop downtown in Warren and renovated it to be a gym with a spin room, exercise studio, weight room and kids’ gym. Attached to this, where the coffee shop kitchen used to be, is Rock Solid Nutrition where you can purchase healthy protein shakes and teas.

Jacki joins Rebecca to share the story of how she started this business and inspires us to think of how we can live out our purpose every day.

THIS MATTERS TO SMALL TOWNS BECAUSE: There are reserves of untapped potential in every single small town on the map.

Jacki’s story beautifully illustrates how anyone with a passion can create a way to live it out in daily life, even if your goal isn’t to create a business from it

Jacki works most days at Rock Solid Nutrition, teaches eight fitness classes weekly and babysits for 4-5 classes per week for IronWheel Fitness. Her love for God and helping people come to know Jesus in a personal relationship is the foundational driving force to everything she does.

To learn more about IronWheel Fitness, you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram. Learn more about Rock Solid Nutrition by following them on Facebook or Instagram.


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