You were not created to play small.



Today’s guest is Sara Christensen. Sara has started and run five businesses over the past 20+ years. Her largest business was doing $10 million in revenue per year and employed 75 people when she sold it.

Sara is currently relentless about helping other business owners grow their businesses through her latest venture Kickass Masterminds. Kickass Masterminds curates and facilitates Mastermind Groups for small business owners, corporations and white-label partners.

Today, she’s helping debut a new feature for the program called The Hometown Visit where she shares a recent experience of returning to her hometown after having been gone for many years.

It’s easy to forget the great things our small communities have going for them. Sara shares not only that but lots of nuggets about how to choose joy wherever you’re at.

Sara and Rebecca also dive into the idea that no matter where we go, the fear of what other people think of us and our own self-doubt will follow us, unless we do the work to overcome it.

Choosing joy requires 2 things: knowing yourself and being intentional.

This episode offers ideas to nurture both and we need to start seeing the good that’s right in front of us instead of constantly looking over the fence at what we don’t have.

To learn more about the masterminds offered through Sara’s business, go to or follow them on IG or FB


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