You were not created to play small.



Today’s guest is Mike Brevik, brand and marketing strategist, owner of Cyberdogz Marketing Solutions, entrepreneur, and lover of all things retro. Add these things together, sprinkle in passion for small-town vibes and nostalgia, and you get Mike’s latest creation… DogDayz Apparel!

Today, we chat about how this business came to be and why Mike chooses to be an ambassador of the brands he serves, an extension of the teams he supports, and an advocate for small towns.

Every small town has places, people, or things that as soon as we mention them, we get a hit of nostalgia and smile as we share the stories surrounding them.

Mike created DogDayz Apparel to tell stories of triumph, individualism and respect for where we came from, preserving the old-school mindset and creating new-school legacies.

You’ll be inspired to think of how you speak about your small town and hopefully, your own school mascot or landmark will come to mind so Mike and his team can customize one for you.

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