You were not created to play small.



Today’s guest is Colby Williams, founder of the award-winning coffee shop and roaster, Parengo Coffee, in Sikeston, Missouri. 

He won a Delta Entrepreneurship Network Fellowship in 2015 and as the author of the book Small Town, Big Money, his writing explores topics such as innovation, failure, hard work, and how to see things from a unique perspective. 

Williams grew up in Illinois, spent time in Southwest Missouri, and now calls Southeast Missouri home. He obsesses over pizza, enjoys playing chess, and recently began humiliating himself as a standup comedian.

Today, we sit down to chat about why small towns are a great place for entrepreneurs to set up shop and how as small towns, we can think differently about how to attract the people who want to be their own bosses.

As we discussed in this episode, the traditional idea of how to enhance economic vitality in small towns through the attraction of a “big employer” is not as common as it once was.

Instead, Colby suggests the way forward for rural communities is to become a place that is attractive and supportive of people starting their own businesses. I couldn’t agree more.

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