Small Town Marketing Ideas with Lee Schwartz

On today’s show, Rebecca visits with Lee Schwartz, founder of Small Town Labs and host of The Five Things You Should Know podcast.

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Small Town Marketing Ideas Episode Summary:

Welcome to this episode of the Small Town Big Talk Show. Today, we have Lee Schwartz, who is the founder of Small Town Labs and is passionate about helping small towns develop a marketing plan to help them be sustainable in the future.

About Lee Schwartz

Lee Schwartz is proud to be a lifelong Fargoan—meaning he hails from Fargo, ND. He’s had a diverse career that includes being the General Manager for two minor league baseball teams; booking and promoting concerts; doing marketing for casinos and working with small businesses and small towns to build their brand and attract new business. He’s currently working on a new business called Small Town Labs, which supports small towns who understand the critical importance of Economic Development but can’t afford a full-time Director and don’t have their own Chamber of Commerce. 

He’s passionate about sports, technology, his kids and almost all beverages…and Lee is the creator and host of the podcast, “Five Things To Do Today”. 

How does a small town begin to develop a marketing plan without resources?

Lee offers several strategies to help small towns start the process of creating a branding message and marketing plan, even without a dedicated economic development person.

How is marketing a business and a small town similar?

As Lee points out, there are times that as an insider—whether at a company or in a small town—we can easily become immune to both the good and the challenges that are available to us. We often need an outside perspective.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • Disaffection in small towns and the 3 ways to overcome it
  • How to attract both families and businesses to small towns
  • TONS of interesting stats regarding the millennial generation and how small towns are uniquely positioned to attract them
  • The value of finding just ONE champion in small towns

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