Five Lessons from a Small-Town Startup with Rebecca Undem

On today’s show, Rebecca offers up some of the lessons she’s learned while trying to get a new (and lofty!) mission off the ground in rural North Dakota.

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Five Lessons from a Small Town Startup Episode Summary:

On the show today, Rebecca shares five specific lessons she’s learned while trying to get her social-entrepreneurship startup off the ground in her hometown.

Rebecca shares the big vision for her business venture and where she’s at in the process along with five main takeaways for you to consider if you’re trying to get a big project, idea, or business off the ground in your small town.

In this episode, we tackle…

  • Just how much you have to share the vision to get the traction you need
  • The unexpected blessings of taking someone to coffee
  • How to deal when people just don’t “get it”—even if you are a people pleaser
  • Why asking for help and feedback is so important
  • How to keep going—even when you want to quit 

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