Creating Connections in Small Towns with Chrystal Checketts

Today’s guest is Chrystal Checketts, a business development, marketing, and organizational communications consultant for mission-driven individuals and organizations. 

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Creating Connections Episode Summary:

On the show today, Chrystal Checketts joins Rebecca to discuss the importance of cultivating real connection in small towns, which requires honesty and vulnerability that doesn’t naturally occur in many rural environments.

Chrystal is a “homecomer” and she shares of the beauty of being able to appreciate and honor the work-ethic and legacy of her ranching/farming family while also trying to shape the future for a more open-minded and open-hearted community.

About Chrystal Checketts

Chrystal Checketts is a business development, marketing and organizational communications consultant catalyzing growth for mission-driven individuals and organizations.

With over a decade of professional experience working with national associations, nonprofits, and

public affairs firms in Washington, D.C., facilitating initiatives and educational programs for local

governments and individuals with one of the largest state agencies in Texas, as well as project-based

consulting for businesses and entrepreneurs with operations in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona and Utah, Chrystal brings a depth of connection and experience which has helped to start, manage and grow programs, initiatives and small businesses.

Raised in rural America she believes there is no such thing as a “fly-over state”. She remains connected to her roots as part of a third-generation dairy farming family, which now ranches in Montana. Her experiences have grounded her with a deep appreciation for the value of collective experiences, strong work ethic and commitment to community.

A self-proclaimed people person, she believes we are each here to help one another thrive. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her exploring outdoors, playing with her dog Dublee, reading, traveling, or trying a new recipe in the kitchen.

In this episode, we tackle…

Why is vulnerability such a challenge to cultivate in small towns?

There are probably a wide range of factors but within the industry of farming and ranching, specifically, there tends to be a stoicism about feelings that makes opening up and sharing difficulties challenging. 

While the grit and determination is something to celebrate, we also want to ensure we hold space for the honest sharing of challenges and difficulties because sweeping them under the rug doesn’t mean they go away.

What is holistic care and what does it have to do with living in a small town?

Chrystal mentions taking a “holistic” approach to taking care of ourselves and one another. In a nutshell, it simply means that you’re a whole person, not just the sum of individual parts. And that’s what she’s hoping to nurture with her renewal center on her family’s ranch in rural Montana.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • Some of the challenges of coming home
  • The role nature plays in our overall well being
  • The healing benefits of connection—to ourselves, other people, and our communities
  • The danger of stoicism
  • The importance of having a safe place to discuss challenges

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