Love the One You’re With with Rebecca Undem

Today’s show features host, Rebecca Undem, as she shares the top customer service top strategies from a recent workshop she offered to a conference for both rural entrepreneurs and professionals involved with community or economic development.

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Love the One You’re With Episode Summary:

On the show today, Rebecca gives you a peek behind the scenes of a recent workshop she provided for Dakota Resources—see all the contact info below—in which she offered several strategies for investing in the people and businesses that already exist in your small town. 

The best way to attract new people and businesses is through the evangelists who are so happy to live and work here that they tell everyone they know. The best advertising has always been happy, fulfilled customers.

These strategies can also be applied to existing customers if you’re an entrepreneur, as well. We spend an awful lot of time contemplating how to get “new”: new people, new customers, new residents, new businesses. Rebecca simply encourages us to ask what would happen if we poured all that time and attention back into the ones who are already here?

About the Episode

In this episode, we tackle…

Why are we responsible for how other people feel?

We’re not. In fact, we’re not capable of changing other people at all and that’s why it can be so tempting to say if people aren’t loyal or aren’t totally happy living here or doing business here, we can’t do anything to change it. 

But what we can change is their experiences, which can create new and positive memories. By intentionally acting towards our existing people and customers with love, we can begin to change the way they think about being here. 

So we just don’t think about marketing at all?

The best marketing is simply telling good stories. What if our “marketing” efforts involved telling the stories of the engaged, happy, and fulfilled people who already belong to us? We have everything we need. Now, we just need to love it harder.

Listen to this episode to hear more about the 4 strategies of loving the one you’re with:

  • Show fanatical appreciation
  • Help them grow
  • Say YES – options over apologies
  • Be enthusiastic

It was through the collaboration with Dakota Resources that this workshop was even developed, so for this episode, your connection suggestion is with them!

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