Equipped to Execute
with Rebekah Scott

Today’s guest is Rebekah Scott, servant to God, wife to Nicholas, mother of 4 and founder and designer at Rebekah Scott Designs. She joins the show today to share how she started her company and how as she grew it, she made intentional choices to stay true to herself and the things she values most.

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Equipped to Execute Episode Summary:

On the show today, Rebekah shares her story of starting her business—she started sewing at 4 years old!—and growing it to a point where she can bless other women and allow them to have lives that support their own values. Rebekah offers great tips for how to stay organized and be sure to check out her website along with links to her podcast and book!

About Rebekah Scott:

I have loved designing and creating things since I was four years old and started out using Kleenex and a stapler to make clothing and accessories for my Barbie until my mom taught me to sew. Fast forward a few years and I was selling fleece hats I had made on the playground. Then in 2003, I launched Rebekah Scott Designs, a handmade purse and accessory business based in my home state of South Dakota. 

When we first got married, my husband and I worked really hard to become debt free using the Dave Ramsey program because we both knew I wanted to stay at home to raise our kids. Since we were on a budget, I got creative one Christmas by cutting and sewing my adorable living room curtains into purses and when orders started rolling in, I realized how I could use my talents AND earn an income, all from the comfort of my home with my babies by my side! After I got the thumbs up from Nicholas, I launched Rebekah Scott Designs and stayed up until 2 am that first night, humming and thanking God for the opportunity to see my vision come true! 

While I LOVE choosing fabric combinations and coming up with new styles, I get great joy helping other women find confidence in whatever stage of life she is in. If she’s heading off to college, I want her to walk on campus knowing she’s got what it takes to ace her classes! If she’s bringing home her first (or second or third!) baby from the hospital, I want her to know she has everything she needs to comfort and care for her baby (AND herself)! If she’s walking into the office, I want her to throw her shoulders back knowing she is organized, stylish, and is going to knock this presentation out of the park! 

I understand what it is like to search for a bag that doesn’t seem to exist, leaving you no option but to yield to the powers of conformity. I created Rebekah Scott Designs to help people express themselves, break free from conformity, and finally have the perfect bag, purse and accessories that fits their lifestyle and displays who they truly are!

Rebekah Scott Designs is a federally trademarked brand with an exclusive website that allows YOU to design your own purse and accessories to reflect your personal style, keep you organized, and give you confidence for whatever life throws as you! My staff and I LOVE seeing what you create! 

My mission is to inspire creativity and confidence to people all over the world.

In this episode, we tackle… 

How do you scale a business without sacrificing something in your personal life?

Rebekah offered some valuable insight into how she built such a successful company without giving up the people and priorities that mattered most to her. She still misses some things, but her faith and family always come first.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:
🧵 The importance of knowing what you most care about
🧵 What a “notch above” means and why it matters
🧵 The danger in not celebrating enough
🧵 Why quality matters
🧵 How your small town is the best resources

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