5 Things to Stop Doing in Your Small Town with Rebecca Undem

Today’s episode marks the official one-year anniversary of the Small Town Big Talk Show! (Well, to be clear, it’s really the 52nd episode so we’ve finally shared a full year of weekly shows!) To celebrate, Rebecca is going back to her roots and she’s offering some ideas for improving your interpersonal skills that can help when you’re working with groups—committees, boards, heck, even your family.

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5 Things to Stop Doing in Your Small Town Episode Summary:

On the show today, the show’s host, Rebecca, shares 5 specific things to commit to stop doing in 2020 to gain more support for your ideas and really get things done in your community. These things will help to overcome groupthink, be more open and transparent in your communication, and help you take accountability for your individual role in the organizations you’re involved with

In this episode, we tackle…

How do you deal with the naysayers?

First off, this episode is not intended to suggest that we let the negativity committee win. But at the same time, it will help our cause so much more if we stop to consider why the people who are so negative are that way.

Listen to this episode to hear more about these 5 things to quit doing to make you a more effective changemaker:

  1. Talking about them without them.
  2. Holding meetings after the meetings.
  3. Not making your line of thinking clear.
  4. Not supporting group decisions.
  5. Waiting for someone else to give you information or withholding your questions.

There’s a bonus tip, too! Check out the full episode wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts and tell us how you plan to use these ideas going forward!

Thank you for listening and helping this little show achieve this milestone! Here’s to another amazing year on the way!