Dealing with Unsupportive People with Rebecca Undem

On today’s show, Rebecca is back to share some tips! Today, we’re focusing on how to handle people who seem unsupportive of your big ideas or projects. Balancing the need for people’s support and the desire to still feel like a normal person can be tricky when you’re striving for something big. 

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Dealing with Unsupportive People Episode Summary:

On the show today, the show’s host, Rebecca, shares 4 ideas to help shift the way you think about the people you feel aren’t fully unsupportive of your big ideas. When you take on something new and significant you’re going to need support and these ideas will help you when you feel like the people you’re relying on to give it—even if they’re your family—either don’t get it or simply don’t believe in what you’re trying to do.

About the Episode

In this episode, we tackle…
Why can’t you just say “screw ‘em” and do it anyway?
This happens to be one of those pieces of advice that sounds really good, but doesn’t hold up so well in real life, especially if the person you feel is unsupportive is your spouse. We can’t just bulldoze people because they aren’t in agreement with what we’re doing. However, this doesn’t mean we just roll over and give up, either. There’s a balance to strike between garnering support and railroading people and these ideas will help you navigate it. Plus, starting out a big initiative with the intent to “prove them wrong” can create a negative energy that reeks of desperation. You don’t want to be in a position to have to convince anyone.

Listen to this episode to hear more about the 4 tips to help you deal with unsupportive people:🤝 Try not to take it personally
🤝 Ask more questions
🤝 Figure out their bottom line
🤝 Remember that you can’t do it alone

With tip #4, you’ll learn about the 6 roles that you’ll want to consider having people play in order to help you succeed at anything significant. It’s not enough to realize you’re not an island—you need to invite people to participate with you.

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