Scaling a Small Business with Marissa Hoffmann of The Midwest Girl

On today’s show, we’re joined by our guest, Marissa Hoffman, one-half of the sister-duo who founded the brand called The Midwest Girl. She shares the journey of this popular brand’s startup and how she and her sister pragmatically scaled it over time.

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Scaling a Small Business Episode Summary:

Marissa Hoffmann, one of the two sisters behind the brand The Midwest Girl, joins us to share the full story about how they started their brand, the pivots they made along the way, and the challenges they’ve faced as a small startup brand.

About Marissa Hoffmann

I have always had an obsession with tee shirts. I remember the excitement of my mom letting me pick out the Old Navy 4th of July tee shirt every summer and the pride of wearing my school colors every fall. Go Wildcats!

My obsession, love for the Midwest and good ol’ hard work have been the perfect recipe for this brand we call, The Midwest Girl®. 

Starting, growing, and running a tee shirt brand is fun and ever evolving. I get chills thinking about how far we’ve come from our first tee shirt and I get even more chills thinking of my little girl finding that same tee shirt in an old box in an attic someday and remembering a special memory of the two of us all because of that tee shirt.

That’s the dream. Creating a brand that celebrates and honors Midwest Girls everywhere, and being able to sustain that for generations. Being so proud of our roots and embracing nostalgia every chance we get.

I’m the gal you will find in your inbox or connecting with on social media. Go say hi! I also run our retail store, our team, and manage our wholesale partners.

I’m a mama, a wife, and a full-time Midwest Girl.  

In this episode, we tackle…

What has been one of the key lessons you’ve learned while growing The Midwest Girl?

According to Marissa, it all took a lot longer to build than they originally thought or hoped it would and while that could be defeating if you took it out of context, the way The Midwest Girl has grown over time is a much more accurate portrayal of the journey of building a brand.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • The blessings of being in business with a relative (Marissa runs The Midwest Girl with her older sister, Marah)
  • What it takes to build a following of people who act like brand ambassadors
  • How to grow a brand purposely and mindfully
  • How to deal with change as a company

Connect with Marissa

Instagram: @shopthemidwestgirl