COVID-19 Community Response with Lee Schwartz

On today’s show, we’re joined by returning guest, Lee Schwartz, founder of Small Town Labs, to discuss some ideas that communities could consider when dealing with the economic fallout of COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Community Response Episode Summary:

Lee Schwartz, founder of Small Town Labs, a business dedicated to supporting the economic development of small towns, joins us to discuss different approaches that community leaders, individuals, and business owners might try to deal with the challenges of the mandatory business closures due to COVID-19.

About Lee Schwartz

Lee Schwartz is proud to be a lifelong Fargoan—meaning he hails from Fargo, ND. He’s had a diverse career that includes being the General Manager for two minor league baseball teams; booking and promoting concerts; doing marketing for casinos and working with small businesses and small towns to build their brand and attract new business. He’s currently working on a new business called Small Town Labs, which supports small towns who understand the critical importance of Economic Development but can’t afford a full-time Director and don’t have their own Chamber of Commerce. 

He’s passionate about sports, technology, his kids and almost all beverages…and Lee is the creator and host of the podcast, “Five Things To Do Today.”

In this episode, we tackle…

How can we help our local businesses stay afloat during COVID-19?

We all know that COVID and the resulting shutdowns will have a profound economic effect, particularly on our local small businesses. It’s easy during this time to feel both alarmed and powerless, but in this episode we talk through ways we can help and support small businesses individually and collectively.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • What we as individuals can do to help our small business owners
  • How even small gestures can be meaningful
  • How we can rally around the local businesses that have supported our communities for years
  • How businesses can adapt during COVID-19
  • How COVID-19 could change the way we do business permanently

Many of us feel better when we have an action plan, when we feel as if we are a part of the community, and when we can help people in need. Obviously, this can be hard when we need to stay home, but hopefully this episode and Lee’s wisdom helps you feel a little less helpless and alone, and give you some real, actionable steps and ideas. We—and our small towns—can make it through this, friends!

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