Lessons From COVID-19 + Hope for Small Towns with Rebecca Undem

On today’s show, Rebecca is flying solo! She’s sharing what she has learned so far from COVID-19, the clarity and opportunity she has found for the future, and the hope she has for small towns.

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Lessons From COVID-19 + Hope for Small Towns Episode Summary:

On the show today, Rebecca is talking COVID-19. In this unprecedented time, we can learn so much about ourselves and there are always bright spots in the midst of hardship (as her yard can attest.) She talks about the clarity this time has brought, how she is recommitting to values and her mission both in her personal life and for her business, and the importance of nurturing what you already have. She also talks about why she is so grateful for her small town (always, but particularly right now) and why the future of small towns could actually be brighter post-COVID.

 In this episode, we tackle…

What we can learn about ourselves and our towns from COVID-19

Rebecca has always been about Feeling Your Feelings, and now is absolutely no exception. It’s a big thing with big feelings attached, and it’s important to both honor those feelings and also find a way forward. Hard times also bring clarity, and Rebecca shares how her mission and values are clearer than ever and what that means going forward. She also offers up so much hope about why our small towns could come back stronger than ever post-COVID, and offers sincere prayers and hope for you and your small town, too.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

    • Honoring your feelings
    • Why there’s no “right way” to Corona
    • Recommitting to core values and looking for opportunities
    • Nurturing vs. reinventing the wheel
    • Gratitude for small towns
    • What the future of our small towns could look like post-COVID.

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