Oh you will survive.

(You’re belting out Gloria Gaynor now, aren’t you?!)

Your Small-Town Survival Kit is already on its way to your inbox along with a note from me.

Because this little text box was intended for smart, savvy marketing language and I’ve got nothing, let’s talk about the best place to hang out on Monday mornings—and no, it’s not your coffee pot—although nothing’s better than fresh coffee on a Monday morning.

Every Monday for the past year, people in small towns have been tuning into the Small Town Big Talk Show podcast!

make mondays groovy again

We cover a broad range of topics but the goal is to give you practical tips and ideas you can use in your real small-town life plus connect you to other people feeling just like you do.

New episodes drop on Mondays at 9 am so be sure to catch them wherever you get your favorite podcasts!

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