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May 5, 2017
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The Role of Enabler

In today’s video blog, I share an insight I discovered while watching a Postive Parenting webinar. The webinar itself is great and you can sign up for the webinar at this link.

But this insight reminded me how easy it is to complain about the behavior of other people when they don’t live up to our expectations. It’s not so easy to take a hard look in the mirror and admit that maybe we’ve enabled much of that poor behavior by…

a. Not clearly expressing our wishes/expectations in the first place and

b. Continuing to “clean up” after that person even after finding the courage to express the expectations.

We get what we tolerate.

From parenting to marriage and even in the workplace, I’ve definitely played the role of an enabler.

So today, I encourage you…pay attention to the behaviors you complain about and look for your role in it.

We can’t complain about that which we allow.



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