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My FASTer Way to Fat Loss Story (Updated 10.8.18)

If you’ve read this before, scroll to the bold font for the updated information! 

OK, so you did it.

You clicked on this link to hear more.

I love that you did that! Really, I am.

I believe in telling the truth and being up-front, so let me tell you this: I am, in fact, an affiliate of this program. That means for every person who enrolls, I get a fee in return for that referral.

I’m telling you straight out because I don’t want there to be confusion, and yet, I also don’t want that to turn you off.

Given my type of work, I have the opportunity to be an affiliate for many programs and this is the only one I promote. I didn’t start sharing this program with my friends and family until I had success of my own to share.

Now, you couldn’t stop me if you tried.

This program is just too damn good.

So, on to the rest of the story… (And the super telling photos, which I know is why you’re really here…you’re not all that sneaky!)

As I mentioned in my Facebook post, I’m now wearing clothes that I haven’t worn for over 7 years. And yes, babies change our bodies, but this was more than that.

I had just resigned myself to the fact that this was my new body. I had decided it couldn’t be different.

When I first saw my best friend’s Facebook post about the program back in early August, I was drinking beer and eating fried food at another friend’s house. At this point, I was at my all-time high non-pregnancy weight. I couldn’t believe the number on the scale. (And yes, that’s not even close to the only measure of health, but still.)

Having consumed just enough beers to invoke my shopping trigger finger and completely lose my sense of rationality, I bought the program.

I didn’t even talk to my best friend beforehand. I just bought it.

As soon as the information came to me, I was instantly pissed at myself.

There was no magic bullet: this was going to require effort on my part. (Damn.)

I’d tell you all the details, but I’d prefer you check them out here. Amanda explains the rationale behind every single facet of this program…and none of it is by coincidence.

I’d rather tell you about my personal experience with it because I swear to you, I’m a beer-drinking, North Dakota girl who likes meat and potatoes and Lord knows I love me a good chocolate cake.

In this last round, I had several dear friends join me and they’re seeing amazing results, too, and we’re only halfway through! I want to share this with all the women in my life because if you have any frustration with your health and fitness levels, I just don’t think it has to be that way.

Here’s what you can expect…

Program Components:

  1. Food tracking: I know, right? Who the hell wants to do that? In this program, we use the My Fitness Pal (MFP) app and we keep track of what we consume. Even though I was unhappy about this initially, once I started, I was blindsided by the incredible quantities of food I was consuming. I was overeating in a BIG way.
  2. Carb-cycling: there are 2 consecutive days when we plan to eat less than 50 net carbs in a day. (It’s not as difficult as it seems!)
  3. Intermittent fasting (IF): I haven’t eaten breakfast since the middle of August and I’m alive to tell the story. Again, there’s real science to support doing this but my eating window is from about 12 pm – 8 pm. All of my caloric needs are consumed in that window. (And if your mother is like my mother, she will chastise you for skipping “the most important meal of the day”. Amanda addresses this in her explanation of IF.)
  4. Macro tracking: on regular calorie days, we track not just our calories, but where the calories are coming from. This is all done in MFP and is so much better for our health than simply going low calorie alone.
  5. Specific workout plans: each day, depending on our food plan for the day, we are given a fully detailed workout that supports the type of eating we’re doing. I always loved to exercise, but this is a whole other level. I just do what the program tells me to do. 3 of the workouts each week include heavy lifting which frankly, makes me feel like a boss and I have muscle definition in my arms I’ve never seen before…not even in high school when I was an athlete.
  6. Accountability group: yes, there’s a closed Facebook group where we post updates, sweaty selfies and the like. But you know what? If you don’t get off on that kind of thing, skip it. But for me what that group offers, is a place to ask questions. I was so flipping overwhelmed when I first started and not only does Amanda check the group, she has dedicated coaches that do, too. It’s THE best support I’ve ever seen because this is a lifestyle and you will hit snags.
  7. Dairy and gluten-free: OK, let me honest here. Although Amanda suggests this (and has very valid reasons for it) I chose at this point, not to do this. I still eat cheese because my grandparents used to make it and I’m not sure I want to know my life without it. So there you go. Flexibility.

Ultimately, even though the whole thing took some getting used to and probably seems scary AF to you right now, I can’t imagine ever changing my lifestyle from this one. My body continues to burn fat and lean out which is honestly just an incredible feeling.

This super personal photo series proves it.

I think a progression of photos is important because these results happen over time. Initially, you might feel like nothing’s happening. Then suddenly, you’ll go to try on a pair of pants and they’ll be looser. Soon enough, that same pair of pants won’t fit at all.

The last 2 photos are only taken 21 days apart and in between them, I lost another 5.5 inches. I was leaving for a trip to Jamaica and really buckled down on the nutrition side of the program. This program WORKS!

Below is the side-by-side of the before on 7.24.17 and the final taken on 1.23.18. Beneath the photo is total losses in both weight and inches.

Total weight lost: 19 pounds

Total inches lost: 20 inches (measurements taken on waist, butt, hips, thighs, and bust)

This isn’t a “look at me” kind of post. This is a “look what’s possible” post. I’m now approaching a weight that I haven’t seen since before having babies and that makes me feel proud.

I still get to eat most of what I really want, within reason, and I still celebrate with food occasionally. The best part is that this program doesn’t require the purchase of specific food, like shakes or supplements. There are suggestions for those if you’d like them, but this is a whole food program.

They say “if it has a mother or came from the earth” it’s on the menu!

In all truth, I’ve gone WAY off the rails more than once since August (I did 2 6-week rounds and I’m now enrolled in the monthly VIP program) and I’m still seeing progress.

UPDATE: October 8, 2018

I’ve been following this program for over a year now and have been enrolled in the monthly VIP program since December of last year.

I’ve been dedicated to my workouts but as of late, my nutrition was really starting to slip. (i.e. too many random glasses of wine and more than the occasional treat)

This morning, I decided to take my measurements to see where I was.

Every single one of them had gone up.

Normally, this would take me into a tailspin of how much I suck, how pathetic I am, and all the things that accompany your standard-issue self-loathing.

Instead, I looked at the data and realized it was simply time to recommit.

Recommit to a program that I know works for me. 

I opted into a 30-day trial of the premium version of the tracking app we use in the program, then I revisited my macro-determination website and input them.

Today’s a new day.

But it’s absolutely nothing like starting over.

This is a lifestyle. It’s one that I can go fully into and dial back when and if I desire.

The mental component is the game-changer for me. I don’t hate myself because I went “off-plan”. I can give myself grace because I’m a human being. (who happens to love wine)

And although I’m not in love with where I’m at right at this very moment, I get to recommit. And I know how.

That feels powerful and strong to me.

That’s what I want for you. Of course, feel free to ask me ANY questions but the holidays are coming and without a plan, that can mean major derailment from your goals.

This might feel like THE worst time to start a plan like that but I encourage to realize that by starting now, you’ll be so ready for the new year because you’ll already have built many of the great habits you need.

My work is to help women get their grooves back. A healthy strong physical body is a huge component of that.

New rounds are always starting! Click HERE to join!

All my love to you wherever you are on your health journey.


  1. Amanda Brummund says:

    Daaaaaamn, what a hottie! 😉 You look beautiful!

    I’m 20 weeks pregnant and scarfing carbs like it’s my job, otherwise I would have been the first one to sign up. Maybe next year. 🙂 XOXO

    • Rebecca says:

      Ah Brums!!!! I had no idea and I’m so EXCITED for you guys! Eleanor is going to be an excellent big sister! I’m literally shrieking with delight over this news, Brums! And, because I know how hard staying on point during pregnancy can be, I’ll share the details of her Fit Pregnancy program which Amanda (the program creator) is rolling out on November 27th! If it’s anything like the one I’m doing, I would have been ALL over it while pregnant! She’s currently pregnant, too, so it’s a plan she follows! It will be worth checking out! (Not that there’s a thing wrong with slamming carbs. We need them!) Love you much and couldn’t be more thrilled for you! <3

      • Amanda says:

        Awww, thanks Becks! And yes, I’d be interested in that Fit Pregnancy program! Even though my track record with at-home workouts is the actual worst. I bought the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project DVDs a few months ago and have watched them literally 0 times. 🙂 Love you!

  2. Mae says:

    Thank you for your honest review – I can get the facts off the website but I want to know how people felt and their struggles with this.
    How did you find out how many calories and macros to consume for your body type?

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Mae –

      I used the calorie calculator from the website https://www.iifym.com/ to determine what I should eat for calories. Then in terms of the % for macros, I just adjusted my protein up 5% from the recommendations in My Fitness Pal. I do better with more protein.

      The IIFYM website will also tell you the ideal macro % but you’d have to purchase the premium version of MFP to input those. I just attempted to get close to those recommendations and I’ve been very pleased with my success.

      Feel free to ask anything else! When I started, I just wanted to know how everything worked for REAL people. Ask away!

  3. Haven says:

    I just started the program with the August 13 group and I am struggling with what to eat. Your results are awesome!! I do better if I have a meal plan to follow. I received the list of macros but would rather have suggested foods for each meal. Can you please send me any suggestions for meals?? Thanks so much!

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Haven! So I get it. That can be hard at first. In terms of meals, especially when you’re starting out, just keep it super simple. Choose your protein and add in veggies/fruits, depending on the day and how you’re eating that day. Make big salads with your favorite protein. Once you create a “food” or “recipe” in MFP, it will always be there so it gets easier if you’re OK with making the same things. I tend to Google a lot of low carb options because those days get boring after a while. I’ve found great recipes just by searching the interwebs! Also, your group will post fun ideas throughout your round, too, so you won’t always feel so stuck. I wish I had a more definitive answer for you but I basically just pick and choose the proteins/veggies/fruits I want to make my meals. Don’t get discouraged…it DOES get easier!

  4. Anna says:

    How many people are in your Facebook groups?

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi, Anna! The number of people just depends on the number of enrollments they receive per round. My first 2 6-week groups had 40 people in them. Any other questions, let me know! The next round is coming up on April 8!

  5. Gina says:

    Hi! I found your blog through a search on Faster Way. I don’t know if you’ll see this as its been a few months but I was wondering how you’re doing now? I have similar results. I did amazing when I first started and then my progress started to stop. I stopped paying for the program and did it on my own but I’ve been feeling less than enthused with tracking food and exercising and definitely slipping a bit. The thing is I feel like I’ve just relaxed, not gone off it completely and it’s frustrating because sometimes you just want to live a bit and not be so rigid. Just wondering other peoples experiences. Thanks

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi, Gina! Thanks for stopping by and asking this question. So honestly, I definitely experienced a similar thing. I’m still active in the program and have kept up with the workouts but I, too, just get tired of feeling so bound by food. Here’s what I know about myself though: if you give me an inch, I’ll take a mile. 🙁

      I NEED to track at least 80% of the time if I want to stay close to where I was. I really do feel better physically, mentally, and even spiritually when I take care of my body.

      I also ended up being diagnosed with early signs of Hashimoto’s so have had to take extra precautions to really listen to my body and dial back workouts as needed. This will be a lifelong journey for me to date, I had never discovered anything that supported me quite like FWTFL. So, even if I’m imperfectly doing it, I’m doing it.

      You’ll figure out your own rhythm, too. Just give yourself grace. We ladies are WAY too hard on ourselves. Much love to you! <3

  6. Suzanne Pilkerton says:


    I was searching reviews of the FASTer way and came across your web site. You mentioned having 40 clients in your first few rounds I am wondering if you had to find all of those yourself? Have you found it challenging to find people to join? I love the program and don’t have a problem sharing all that I love about it, but I am unsure if I could get enough people to join! thank you!

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi, Suzanne! I’m not sure I know what you mean. I’m not a coach so I don’t have any responsibility to fill 6-week boot camps. I had 40 other people in my FB group but I didn’t have to recruit them. I am an affiliate for the program, but that just means I share what I love and if someone registers, I get a little kickback.

      Does that make sense?

      • Ann says:

        What week did you start losing weight? I am on week three of FWTFL and I haven’t lost any weight. Do you have any suggestions on how to jump start my weight loss?

        • Rebecca says:

          Ann, remember that the focus of this program isn’t weight loss that you’d see on a scale but overall body composition changes that come from fat loss. Did you take initial measurements along with a photo? Measurements don’t lie. The scale often does. I noticed a slimming after the first couple of weeks on the program. Make sure you’re eating the right amount of calories and hitting your macros. Stick to the program. You will see results as long as there isn’t an underlying hormonal imbalance to contend with.

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