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March 24, 2016
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April 19, 2016
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Not All Negativity is Bullying

It hurts us when our kids hurt. We want to assist them. Help them. Fix it. Maybe even make the other person hurt as much as our kid does.

But what if we could turn those moments of pain into lessons our kids can take into adulthood? What if we stopped allowing our kids to be victimized and teach them that bad things happen and it doesn’t define who they are?

In this video, I share a few simple strategies to help our kids when someone is hurtful to them. (And no, not all negativity actually is bullying.)

I want to hear from you on this. We’re all in this together. Parents, teachers and communities. We have to show them how to overcome.

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  1. Anna Sell says:

    What a wonderful heartfelt post, Becky! I am 100% on the same wavelength as you on this subject. I think we need to teach our kids life skills that go beyond the here and now. It is often NOT easy and your heart is going to hurt for your child…but as a parent of 2 grown children, I absolutely can guarantee that it is those tough times that define the kind of people your children will become. I cringe when I think about how tough my grown children’s lives would be if, as parents, we made everything easier and created them to be victims.
    Thanks for having the backbone to speak on this issue and thanks for always being so honest…we need more of this in our world.

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